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Anxiety and Pregnancy

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Women and babies have been interrelated because the very beginning. It is a natural trend and there is nothing unusual about it. All young women want to bear a child or even in other words become a mother. These times even for a career woman the need to give birth to a child and become a mother is bound to catch up and no other joy can ever change the joy of becoming a mom in the hustle bustle of everyday lifestyle. There are several expectant mothers who are afflicted by severe stress and emotional uncertainty and now the question arises that may pregnancy and the anxiety associated with becoming a mother can bring her pleasure and contentment, equally?

The answer to this question varies through woman to woman. A part of the past life from the expecting mother is always to be delivered to light especially when she is going to give delivery to a new life.

What things might make it more stress filled?

During pregnancy, a woman usually spends most of her time thinking and being drowned in her ideas most of the times. The common ideas during this time are her new created be normal? will she fall short as a mother? Will her infant have to go through the same problems because she had to go in her teenage years? etc . etc . This is quite anticipated as this is a preparatory stage for that mother to love the baby who is increasing inside her womb and furthermore her body is preparing to adapt to the particular changes to meet the demand from the new life which is growing within her.

It is seen generally that the anxiety during pregnancy triggers tension in the woman. The other factors that may lead to rigorous stress during pregnancy are usually:

 · A current miscarriage: This shakes the woman' s self-confidence and the woman tend to wonder regardless of whether she will ever experience the joy to become a mother and see the girl baby cry for the first time. 
· A lack of income during the pregnancy
· An inconsistent relationship using the baby' s father
· No emotional and moral assistance
· Unexpected and undesired pregnancy that might mess up other programs of life.

It is extremely essential to be mentally stable while pregnant and settle all the worries and doubts with her close friends, members of the family and doctors. It is not difficult to deal with anxiety and pregnancy. Like other crisis of life, being pregnant and anxiety can be very easily handle. The pregnant woman is the correct person to determine what is best for the girl baby. No matter what all anticipating mothers want to emerge as the greatest mother and would always need to do the best for the welfare of the girl child.

However, note that panic and pregnancy do not bear great results for the child. Several studies expose the fact that if the mother is stress filled and over anxious during the girl pregnancy then her baby is likely to develop stressful behavior later in life. Between the 12th and 23rd days the baby in the mother' s tummy is mostly likely to be affected by its mother' s stress and anxiety.

What good can come out of it?

Other than harboring some mental poison the expecting mother makes arrangements to deal with anxiety and pregnancy. Several bodily changes take place during pregnancy.

One of the major concerns during this period is that whether their anxiety disorders will certainly affect the unborn and worsen the particular pregnancy conditions and also following the baby is born wherever they will be capable to take care of the baby properly or not. Obviously, a great concern is whether or not the outward symptoms of their anxiety disorder will worsen throughout the pregnancy, and if they will be able to take care of the baby after it is born. Whether take of different medicines will impact the baby or not is also a cause of interest. All these thoughts however may elevate the levels of stress within the expecting mother.

The subsequent facts can offer some hope for panic and pregnancy:

 · During the pregnancy period and breastfeeding a baby feeding period the medicines regarding anxiety disorders are quite safe for the infant. 
· About 40% of ladies experience an accuracy decrease of the particular anxiety pattern during pregnancy. However throughout postpartum the set of anxiety signs and symptoms may return.
· The intake of medicines for anxiety attacks by the expecting mother can actually assist in preventing the development of anxiety disorders in the infant later in life. If the mother' t symptoms are not treated properly after that however it may result in lower delivery weight of the baby.

What can be done during pregnancy to deal with anxiety?

About 10% of women develop panic symptoms during pregnancy. Following the actions below will definitely help them to handle the situation in a better way.

 · Seek advice from your physician about your plans to possibly become pregnant, or that you already are. The doctor' s instructions and medicines will help you to deal with your anxiety and pregnancy strategically. 
· Bond with your partner in a more strong and intimate way. This would make sure support and love which would assist in dealing with the situations in a much better way.
· Relax. Pursue hobbies according to your liking. Talk to your friends, go for walks, exercise gardening. All these activities will certainly divert you mind and keep the stress under control.
· Open up to your husband or companion and close friends and discuss your own causes of stress. This will definitely assist.

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