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Working While Pregnant

The Pros And Cons Of Exercise And Pregnancy

Doctors record that frequent and regular exercise offers numerous health benefits to almost everyone plus pregnant women are no exception. There are usually of course risks involved but with arranging and regular consultation with your doctor, the benefits far outweigh the read more

Do You Know What to Eat During Pregnancy?

Being pregnant is challenging enough with out worries about what to eat while pregnant. The truth is that eating while pregnant is not really significantly different than eating any kind of time other time of your life – except for a few foods to avoid along with a read more

Third Trimester Pregnancy Exercise – Examples of Safe Exercises For Pregnant Women

Wow! So you' re in your third trimester. Congratulations! How thrilling! Read upon and let us help you with a third trimester pregnancy exercise and some tips to draw you through this last haul.

The Third Trimester

Three simple words. Only somebody who' s never read more

Can a Pregnant Woman Workout?

Now we all know that there is simply no such thing as a expectant man… unless you are a seahorse, but the question of whether expectant people, namely women, can work away is one that needs to be answered.

There are some people out there that say women that are pregnant read more

Pregnancy and Stress – So How Can Stress Affect Your Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is such a challenging experience and it is only natural to worry. Hormones are flying all over the place and amazing physical changes makes it very hard to not worry to some extent. There are many factors a women may worry during the girl pregnancy, such as impending read more