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Maternity Lingeries Guide – Choosing the Right Maternity Lingeries for Your Body

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If you happen to be expecting a baby and are already showing indications of baby bump, it is high time which you purchase maternity lingeries to replace your own regular lingerie line. Maternity lingeries are larger than your regular under garments to snugly fit your increasing pregnant body. Most are made from nylon, Lycra, spandex, or cotton. The aim is to provide comfort, air permeability, and style for pregnant moms.

Kinds of maternity lingeries

Maternity panties – Made from cotton, spandex, or ribbons, maternity panties are large plus elastic enough to wrap close to the stomach and cover all of them without any pain or discomfort. There are also maternity panties that come within thong styles depending on your choice. Maternity panties come in different colors as well.

Maternity bras or medical bras – Like maternity knickers, maternity bras are made from cotton. They can be multi-functional, used as medical bra, sports bra, or t-shirt bra. They usually have padded mugs for maximum comfort and support.

Maternity pantyhose – Made from spandex and nylon, maternity pantyhose are created to be extra durable. They usually include underbelly support and in a variety of shades. There are also pantyhose that come in a number of designs.


When buying maternity lingerie, make sure to prioritize comfort and support. Other things you should keep an eye out for are:

Full chair – For panties, make sure that they have a full seat so it will stay place no matter how much physical activity you do.

Adjustable cups – For maternal bras, make sure to pick one that has flexible cups to accommodate your changing dimension as the pregnancy progresses.

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