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Pregnancy Angst and Worry – How to Enjoy Your Pregnancy

Posted on February 8, 2018 By

A woman' s very first pregnancy is always the most emotional. It is wrought with elation, pleasure, nervousness, impatience, and fear. Fear tend to be at the front of most first time mommy' s maternity. It seems the more you learn about pregnancy the more you realize the mil things in the babies development which could go wrong. I feel sick… is there some thing wrong? I do not feel unwell…. is there something wrong? I can not have the baby move… is there something incorrect? The baby is thrashing….. can there be something wrong? You get the image.

Now, most men don’t realize these feelings at all. Even the very best, most attentive daddy can be overcome and not entirely supportive in his partner' s incessant be concerned. Woman can be even worse! When voicing concern and worry about a maternity, most women are unsympathetic and provide these words wisdom of "If it is meant to be, it will be." That is so unhelpful.

Women, most during their first pregnancy or even first pregnancy after a miscarriage cannot help but over analyze each twinge, feeling, stone, medicine or even food ingested. This is especially real for those who have had a difficult road getting pregnant. As a mother of 2 healthy babies and two extra pregnancies that did not go to term I offered this bit of unsolicited advice: Try, try, attempt to enjoy the pregnancy. That is usually to say that you are going to worry and you will probably call the physician more times than she / he wants; but everyday be happy that you will be pregnant.

My first 2 pregnancies (the first was a losing the unborn baby, the second was the pregnancy with our daughter) were not happy pregnancies for me personally. I was too over come with be concerned and fear that I never actually enjoyed being pregnant. I look back again at that time and now find it therefore sad that I let fear control and never realized what was essential. Even though I have had 2 pregnancies that never went to term I know really try to cherish each day that I' mirielle able to carry that child. It is such a magical time it should always be enjoyed as much as possible!

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