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Pregnancy Exercise – 5 Things You Must Know

Posted on December 30, 2017 By

While reading through some questions that the subscribers sent in, I noticed that a lot of females have some basic questions about Pregnancy exercise, for example , can I continue the exercise routine now that I' m expecting?

To help you out, I' ve put together a little "cheat sheet" on a few of the Basic Exercise Guidelines for Pregnancy:

1 . Get the OK

As always, make sure to get a doctor' s okay BEFORE you begin your own exercise routine – that way he / she may rule out any high-risk situations.

2 . Stick to what you know!

I know you hear this constantly, but now I really need you to think about it. Because there are so many changes going on in your body Now could be NOT the time to start something new.

3. Use common sense whenever you' re trying to decide whether or not to continue your pre-pregnancy exercise exercise or not.

Because I can not respond to each one of you individually (and there are numerous different exercise routines and intensities available! ), Here are my recommendations:

– Avoid running lengthy distances and training for marathons, these are too intense for this time in your daily life. Moderate your activity by reducing the intensity and duration and you ought to be fine.

– Avoid training in intense heat, on large inclines or at high altitudes. Choose even terrain and stay with public places (you' ve obtained way too much to risk!! ).

– Avoid sports like golf ball, squash, racquetball and tennis : they involve too many jerky motions and rapid changes in path, which is too much for your loose bones and poor balance to deal with.

4. When it comes to weight training : aim for endurance over strength (preferably 15 reps. ).

Concentrate on maintaining your existing power, not building. As your pregnancy advances, really listen to your body and do just what exercises you feel are comfy – do NOT push yourself.

Do not do any pregnancy workouts that require you to lift overhead, lay on your back or press lots of weight forward (ie leg push machine).

Aim to do nearly all your exercises in a supported place, preferably sitting down or holding on to some thing stable – avoid lying in your back AFTER your third 30 days.

5. Regardless of which exercise you' re doing, ALWAYS helps to ensure that you are well hydrated and fueled.
Never exercise on an vacant stomach or without water. Keep a water bottle with you all the time. And if you need a little extra boost, try out adding a little fruit juice. And naturally , stay close to the bathroom.

Just follow these basic guidelines (plus more in my book) and your being pregnant exercise will be safe. Remember, being pregnant is NOT the time to push yourself that will EXTRA MILE – you do not wish to look back with regret!

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